We Build Websites and Help Businesses and Non-Profits Use them to Achieve Their Goals
Your website should always be your hardest working employee.  It should be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and it should have a well defined job description.  Like any employee in your organization, your website cannot do its job until you identify what that job is.  We help organizations define what job they want their website to do, and build the website and social media presence to fulfill that job.  
For some organizations the website is like a follow up to a business card.  Their website’s job is to show potential clients what the organization does and give the clients information about how to contact them (i.e. by phone or e-mail).  We are always happy to work with this kind of client to create a clean and easy-to-use responsive website that will fit these needs.
Most organizations want their website to bring them business.  They realize that Google and the web have replaced the yellow pages as the place consumers go to find what they need.  They need to be found online and convert visitors to leads in order to stay competitive and grow.  Ability SEO helps these organizations get found, get traffic and get business from websites, social media, and value driven e-mail campaigns.
Give the People What They Want
Ability SEO succeeds at giving clients top placement, big traffic increases, and leads because we focus on the abilities of our clients.  We believe that you are in business because you possess knowledge and expertise that your target audience wants to have.  That probably seem obvious, but it is surprising what a difference it can make in your search engine results when you deliberately focus on identifying what your client wants.   
We use software and other research tools to identify the terms your target audience is using to find services like yours. Then we create and test the content that matches what you do to what they deliver. We create links from other websites and social media posts to attract traffic to the content that your clients want.  
It Works Because Its What Google Wants and What People Want
People search online because they want something (obvious right?).  People go to Google to search for things because they are confident that Google will deliver them what they want.  If Google didn’t consistently deliver the information, services, or other stuff people wanted, they would switch to another search engine (e.g. Bing, Yahoo, whatever) that did it better.  Google knows this and bases its billion dollar business on this.  Every search engine knows that nothing can every be allowed to disrupt the experience that you will find what you want when you “Google it”.  When people start thinking that Google is not giving them what they want, they will simply stop Googling.
If you want to be on top of Google you need to do two things:
  1. Be what your target audience wants
  2. Have the right coding, social media presence, and content to show search engines that you are what your target audience wants

Most of Our Inbound Marketing Clients See Increased Web Traffic of 300% or more Within 12 Months of Working With Us

AbilitySEO tripled the traffic to my website and accomplished all of my design goals.  I recommend them to any business that wants to use its website and social media to get more clients.

Charles Bowen
The Bowen Law Group

Adam is an expert in his field, he is knowledgeable and up to date with what it takes to help you business succeed online. He know what it takes to keep your online presence current and more importantly found.

Kevin Brown
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