25 Website Must Haves

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What's going to make your new website WORTH IT?

If you don't know what's wrong it's awfully hard to fix it.  Here are somethings we've seen make a big difference in building a new website

  • Make it look great on mobile devices and tablets
  • Think like your client: what do they want to see?
  • Have deliberate calls to action: what do you want this future client to do?
  • Have forms to fill out
  • Always be thinking about how you can be helpful to your clients
    (Blogging is a great way to help)

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AbilitySEO increased our website traffic by 500% and increased the number of leads and customers generated by our website and social media from next to nothing in 2014 to 424 new contacts and 15 new customers in 2015.  They also made our website much, much cleaner, much more user-friendly, useful, and mobile-friendly without any additional charge.

— Rachel Kelly, TideWater Lanscape Management